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Cito on International Women’s Day: I can stand up and speak in front of others, men included

International Women’s Day is a special day for me because it is a moment for me to remember, to be aware that I have rights as a woman and my rights must be respected. I am aware I can stand up and speak in front of others, men included. This year we are standing up

Dispatch from Congo: Together We Will Leave a Legacy of Integrity [Video]

  Action Kivu’s Executive Director Rebecca Snavely recently returned home from visiting Congo and all the programs our partners support. She writes here about the change she witnessed from her first visit five years before. The culture shock of returning to L.A. from Mumosho, DRC is always jarring. A mere 36 hour flight, and one

Sewing Student Cito’s Story of Finding Power

Cito sits on the edge of the couch, balancing her baby girl on her lap, taking a break from her day at the Sewing Workshop upstairs. The sound of feet operating the pedal-powered machines hums from above. “I didn’t know anyone my first day here,” says Cito. “I came with my baby, who was six

Mapendo’s Goal: To Communicate Around the World

On her way in to to the afternoon literacy class at the Mumosho Community Center, Mapendo stops to talk about why she works so hard to learn to read and write. In Swahili, Mapendo means love, she says. Love and luck go hand-in-hand. Before I came to the Literacy Program and Sewing Workshop, I felt

Progress and Growth in Congo: Meet Farmer Beatrice

Meet Beatrice Ntankwinja – mother of five, grandmother of one, proud farmer feeding her family. Beatrice is one of the 83 women who now farm their own plot of land at the Action Kivu shared farm, learning sustainable, organic farming from our agronomist, Mukengere. Each woman tends her own organic compost for fertilizer, and is