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Meeting Mapendo: Microloans, Pigs, and Paying it Forward

Why is Mapendo smiling? With the $100 she received from the Power in Unity group, Action Kivu’s savings & loan project, she bought a pig, and is able to sell the piglets for $20 each, allowing her to pay back her loan. The group operates with a “pay it forward” model, and part of the

Congo: The Sounds of Education, the Sounds of Equality [Video]

The sound of women’s voices in Action Kivu’s Literacy Program is the sound of equality! Hear their voices through video and story; scroll through a collection of stories from our literacy students here. Partner with us in this movement today. Every dollar makes a difference, and a monthly donation allows us to plan for our

A Song from the Action Kivu Sewing Workshop: Class of 2017

A song of thanks for our Action Kivu family!

Reflecting on a Year and the Meaning of Life

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. A 3-foot square image of this quote, attributed to Pablo Picasso, was propped up in a shop window on a busy street in Atwater Village. It was likely intended to lead one into the shop where,

Sewing Alum Claudine Defines Peace [Congo]

Claudine graduated from Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop, Class of 2015, taking with her a sewing machine and all the tools necessary to start her own business. When Claudine joined the Sewing Workshop, she was the mother of a child forced upon her. With the skills she learned, Claudine began a new journey: she started her