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Growing Food and Community in Congo: We work faster together! We’re like family


Mapendo and Faida share a plot of farmland in Action Kivu’s Organic Food for All Program.

“We work faster together! We’re like family.”

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Progress and Growth in Congo: Meet Farmer Beatrice

Beatrice NtankwinjaEDIT_QUOTE

Meet Beatrice Ntankwinja – mother of five, grandmother of one, proud farmer feeding her family. Beatrice is one of the 83 women who now farm their own plot of land at the Action Kivu shared farm, learning sustainable, organic farming from our agronomist, Mukengere. Each woman tends her own organic compost for fertilizer, and is learning how to use a mix of grasses to combat pests and insects.

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Combatting Malnutrition in Congo: Organic Food for All


2 million children in Congo are expected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition and emergency levels of morbidity and mortality in 2017. You can help change that.


donate-imageThe women receive instruction in sustainable farming before applying the teaching on the shared farm, and taking home seedlings from the nursery to grow in their own gardens.


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Namwezi to Antoinette: My Goat is Your Goat

In Shi culture, the dominant tribe in the areas where we work in eastern Congo, a goat represents good standing in the community, as they are payment for dowries in marriage, or given as gifts as a sign of cementing goodwill and friendship. They’ve also come to represent the rooting in connection and community inherent in Action Kivu’s programs. In “My Goat is Your Goat,” one family’s goat becomes the mother of the next family’s goat, passing one kid forward, growing the family, one goat at a time.


$80 is the cost of buying one goat for a family in Congo, and Action Kivu is working to raise funds to buy more goats to expand the program in Congo, which currently serves 600 people in area of 50,000. Our goal for 2017 is to buy milk goats from Uganda ($185 to purchase and properly transport the goat to Mumosho, DRC), to expand the animal husbandry program to milking and making cheese, not only to combat the malnutrition that is a cause of death for children under 5, but to provide new entrepreneurial opportunities for the women in Congo to earn income and invest in the future of their children!

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Women and Girls Growing a Healthy Congo: Field Report from Action Kivu’s Shared Farm

“...we are custodians of deep and ancient thresholds. In the human face you see that potential and the miracle of undying possibility.” ― John O'Donohue,“Should agriculture be a required school subject?” writer Dan Nosowitz asks in his Modern Farmer piece that highlights Kenya’s attempt to add agriculture to its curriculum. At Action Kivu, our Organic Food for All (OFFA) program trains women and girls, denied a formal education, in the skill and art of agriculture. Here five farmers weed the beans they grow on the lush land down in a marsh in Mumosho, critical in the dry season for the water to grow food when vegetables are rare and expensive. “Having access to this land, thanks to Action Kivu support, makes a huge difference,” our partner Amani tells us.

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