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Action Kivu Quilting Fundraiser with Giveaways (pssst… Flea Market Fancy)

Alissa Haight-Carlton, the modern quilt guru who writes Handmade by Alissa, is hosting a 2nd Annual Fundraiser for the women and children of eastern Congo, via Action Kivu.  For each donation, there’s a chance to receive a giveaway of fantastic fabric.  Three words for you:  Flea. Market. Fancy.  Last year, those three little words that

Isn’t This Progress? A Thank You, Straight from Bukavu

From Nabirugu*, one of the women in the sewing collective that is supported by your donations. “My name is Nabirugu*. I am 21 years old. I have no father. I joined the ABFEK centre 10 months ago and today I am ready to go and start my own sewing workshop based on the skills I