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Action Kivu Quilting Fundraiser with Giveaways (pssst… Flea Market Fancy)

Alissa Haight-Carlton, the modern quilt guru who writes Handmade by Alissa, is hosting a 2nd Annual Fundraiser for the women and children of eastern Congo, via Action Kivu.  For each donation, there’s a chance to receive a giveaway of fantastic fabric. 

Three words for you:  Flea. Market. Fancy.  Last year, those three little words that I’d never heard before, caused quite the frenzy.  There are so many beautiful fabrics donated for this important work, I’m almost tempted to learn to quilt.  Almost.  If you are a quilter or seamstress, or know someone who is, please visit Alissa’s blog to help us reach our goal of $15,000.

Because we’re all volunteers, every dollar you donate, apart from nominal banking fees, goes directly to the women and children of the Congo.  Through your help, they’re rebuilding their lives after years of conflict, loss and rape, finding strength and hope for the future through education, learning a skill and a trade, and being in community with each other.

 Visit Alissa’s blog now, and tell your friends! 

(Photo courtesy Abby Ross, for Falling Whistles.)

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