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Human Rights Day 2011: Faces of Action Kivu

This year, for Human Rights Day, we’re celebrating the great work Amani Matabaro and his Action Kivu/ABFEK team does for the communities of Bukavu and Mumosho. We honor the awareness he is raising and the daily actions made for expanding women’s rights through the sewing collectives and the Peace Market, amd his fight for education for the most vulnerable children. 

After a week of contested elections in the Congo, here’s a look at the people affected by the play of politics, the women and children Action Kivu works with, living daily in hope for peace and freedom.

Take action this Human Rights Day.  Visit Amnesty International to find out how to use the power of the pen (or computer) to Write for Rights. For a soundtrack to spreading the word about human rights, stream Amnesty International’s Bob Dylan tribute album on Facebook. And make a donation to Action Kivu! Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of the women and children you see here.

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