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Asante Sana, Merci, Grazie, Danke, Dank U, Tack, and Thank You!

How can we say thank you to everyone who donated during Alissa’s 3rd Annual Action Kivu Fundraiser, contributing $17,570.00 to fund the sewing workshops, education assistance and other programs that empower and engage the women and children of eastern Congo?  We’ll start by saying it in as many languages as are spoken by our generous

Email of Hope: Amani Dreams Peace for Congo

Don’t give up hope for Congo. Amani hasn’t.  In an e-mail last week, he wrote, “You are giving me HOPE! Thanks for your compassion and love to the people of MY country and myself. No matter what’s happening here right now, if I were to be born again and if that was to happen during

Bienvenie’s Dream: Fashion, Fabric, and a Future

Growing up with a love of fashion and fabrics, Bienvenie always dreamed of learning to sew. Her dream didn’t seem possible, though. Raised in Mumosho by a single mother who had to support all her children after their father died in a mining accident when Bienvenie was only two years old, she admits, “It is

Connected to Congo

The more I travel, the more people I meet, the more stories I hear, the more this quote from Madeleine L’engle rings true. A day at the shared farm Action Kivu supports in Mumosho – photo by Rebecca Snavely “What connects us human beings is far more central that that which separates us.”~ Madeleine L’engle

What Does Hope Look Like?

One of the students sent to school via Action Kivu’s education assistance program. A French lesson at Orebu Elementary – photo by Rebecca Snavely,

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