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Literacy Training: Rewriting the Future

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”~ Mahatma Gandhi Asking the women of eastern Congo what their hopes and dreams are for the future proved to be a difficult question. They must focus on today, Amani explained. On finding food and feeding their children today. On

Sowing Seeds of Presence and Partnership: Shared Farm

The women, who range in age from older teens to grandmothers, sit in a group, fanning themselves.  They make jokes and smile often, taking a much-needed break. One returns from a walk with a black plastic grocery bag filled with water from some unseen source, and they take turns balancing the bag for a refreshing

Walking Free with No Fear: Ntaboba’s Story

Ntaboba, before his surgery, with his aunt and mother. Ntaboba is 14, a slight boy with a wide smile that is often masked by his look of concentration. Ntaboba, who attends school with the help of Action Kivu’s education assistance program, is focused. Focused on school, on his dreams of becoming a doctor, and on

Ernata’s Story Unfolds: Sewing Grads and School Uniforms

Thanks to this year’s back to school grant from Jewish World Watch, funds were allocated for new uniforms for the 115 primary students and 52 new secondary students who started school last week. Creating a circle of sustainability, the graduates of the sewing workshop gather at the sewing center, and provided materials, fabric, thread and

Back to School Stories: Hope and Thanks from Congo

Were you ever THIS excited to go back to school? When you’ve been kicked out of class because your family can’t afford the $7 – $8/month it costs to go to school, an education becomes even more precious. Your partnership and support means that these kids have hope for a different future, filled with dreams

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