Monthly Archives: October 2012

A Congo Massage – Riding the Roads of Eastern Congo

Amani, who founded ABFEK, Action Kivu’s partner in Congo, and is a true community builder, responding to the needs of the women and children with innovative programs. To do his work safely and sustainably, Amani needs an SUV. Action Kivu’s founders Cate Haight and Rebecca Snavely visited Amani and ABFEK’s wonderful work in January 2012,

Celebrating Fall Harvest – Women Hold Up Far More Than Half of Agriculture in Africa

The women who learn from and work the soil of the Action Kivu / ABFEK shared farm carefully cart their harvest to sell at the Peace Market in Mumosho, the bright reds and greens of tomatoes, cabbages, eggplants and amaranth displayed with pride. Harvest for sale at the Peace Market Do you know the percentage

An Education: Kabibi or Kabwana?

Kabibi and her brother Kabwana stood before their school principal, silent while their mother explained to the headmaster why Kabibi must drop out of school. With seven children to feed, earning a dollar a day working on her neighbor’s farms, their mother cannot afford to send both teens to secondary school. She chose to pay