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Clothes for Christmas: School Kids at Play

When we traveled to Congo in January, we met so many kids, at their schools and at the annual New Year celebration Amani holds for the children of Mumosho. Shy girls stepped forward to show us local games they play, using stones and dances. Amani recently sent us these photos of the kids at Burhembo secondary school, near the border of Rwanda. The kids change out of their uniforms to protect them while they “jump the rope,” for what equates as gym class where this is little place to play.

They take such pride in their uniforms, and the children whom we send to school via your support recently told Papa Amani, as they call him, that they have nothing else to wear other than the school uniforms that we supply for the whole year. They feel badly that they have to wear them all the time, making them less presentable for school. Your partnership not only sends kids to school and provides them with that uniform, but with your donations, we’re able to send an extra $650 for a Christmas gift of “play” clothes and shoes (for the many children who are barefoot) for approximately 100 children. Thank you, as always for your partnership! There are so many needs to meet, and many more thousands of children to clothe and send to school, and you’re making a difference.

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