Monthly Archives: January 2013

Meet JD Stier, Action Kivu’s New Board Member

When Amani first introduced us to JD Stier, the Campaign Manager for Enough Project’s Raise Hope for Congo, we were excited to have another friend and ally in our work in eastern Congo, especially one with so much experience.  Little did we know what the future would hold. JD’s enthusiasm knows no bounds, and his

Top of the Class: Girls Sent to School by Action Kivu Supporters

As school begins again this January, Amani wrote that three of the top students at Horebu Elementary are supported by Action Kivu. And that they are girls, which is a great success in a region where girls are often not sent to school solely because of their gender. Amani, with three of the top students

We Belong to Each Other: Aime’s Dreams of Sharing her Sewing Skills

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.   ~Mother Teresa The eldest of six, with four sisters and one brother, Aime and her siblings had to leave their home in Kinshasa, Congo’s capital city, and move 940 miles east to Bukavu. Both their parents had died,