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Gift Hope This Mother’s Day: Sewing Kits for Graduates to Start a Business in Congo

“Happy Mother’s Day!” a man said to me as I passed his gate. Before thinking, I replied in instinctive, cultural politeness, “Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!” Similar to when someone at an airline desk tells me to have a safe flight and I reply without thinking, “You too!” They nod, stuck behind the desk where they watch planes alight into the air, used to the auto-response. That Mother’s Day, flustered, I apologized, then explained, “But I’m not a mother, either.” “That’s okay,” he said, more thoughtful than I.  “Aren’t we all mothering someone, or something, in some way?”

“Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to ‘jump at de sun.’ We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground.” ~ Zora Neale Hurston

The concept of mother crosses cultures, languages, religions, eras. Mothers who, day in, day out, give encouragement, who hope for the best for those they love. Who give birth to creative ideas and see them through to completion.

This Mother’s Day, we have disturbing news that the worst place in the world to be a mother is the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through Action Kivu’s work with the local Congolese organization ABFEK, we’re working to empower those mothers to make changes in their lives, in their communities. 

The sewing workshops of Mumosho and Bukavu do just that; training young women in a marketable skill, the graduates of the programs go on earn income to support their families with food and education. When a mother is able to send her child to school, she helps break the cycle of poverty and gives hope, not only to her own daughter or son, but to a new generation, who sees an example of a mother making her own dreams come true.

This Mother’s Day, give that gift of hope!  We will give sewing kits to each of the 42 students graduating the sewing workshops this May, each costing $195 USD, including a pedal-powered Singer sewing machine ($150), and a tool box ($45) to start their own businesses: scissors, tape measure, oil, buttons, needle, thread, machine belts, fabric, lining, and more.  When you donate on behalf of a mother in your life, we will send you a PDF to give to her/him, sharing a story of a recent graduate whose life has been transformed by the sewing education

Visit our donation page, and be sure to denote “sewing kit” in the PayPal notes section when you donate. Any amount helps us start these women on the road to living their dream of supporting their families and inspiring a new generation through education!

Mumosho Women’s Center

Last year’s sewing workshop graduation here.

Sewing students’ stories:  Ernata, Safi, Aime, Evelyn

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