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Planting Seeds in Congo: Hope Seen Through a Photographer’s Lens

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

This spring, photographer Emma O’Brien traveled from South Africa to DR Congo. As part of of her Faces of Courage project, she visited Amani to document the work he’s doing through ABFEK / Action Kivu for a beautiful book of stories and photos that will raise awareness, hope, and funds for the communities of eastern Congo.

Emma reflects on the experience: “Being at the ABFEK Women’s Centre in Mumosho to photograph the distribution of seeds to these ladies was an amazing experience.  The seeds they were given not only represent a means to feed themselves and their families, they represent hope and give the women something to look forward to.  It was also a very humbling experience to talk to the ladies and find out about their lives, many of them are caring for upwards of five children (one lady looks after 15!), so their lives really are tough, however they were so happy to have received their bundle of seeds and chatted excitedly the whole time we were there.

“It made me realise how easy it is to be able to reach out and help someone else and what an impact something as simple as a gift of some seeds can make.  The ladies had quite a giggle at us, we asked them how to plant the seeds and one of the ladies looked quite quizzically at me and said, ‘everyone should know how to farm.’  I wonder what they would make of the world of convenience I live in.

“Amani is doing brilliant work at the women’s centre to help empower these ladies by giving them purpose and financial independence, I am so proud to be able to use my skills as a photographer to support his work.”

Seed Distribution day.  Photos by Emma O’Brien –

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