Monthly Archives: August 2013

From dusty|muddy roads to successful small business: Looking for a micro-loan partner in Congo!

When Action Kivu’s team visited Congo, these roads were muddy, rutted, and dangerous. During the dry season, they’re dusty and dangerous.  Women walk them from Mumosho to Bukavu, their backs bearing loads of up to 50 kilograms of charcoal or wood, with the hopes but no guarantees of selling the goods in city’s markets.  Walking

Be Creative: Action Kivu Annual Fundraiser with Great Giveaways!

Have you ever looked at a tote, a skirt, a shirt and thought, “I could make that. I think I could make that. … I should learn to sew.” We’re excited to announce that part of Handmade by Alissa’s annual Action Kivu fundraiser includes a giveaway of a sewing machine.   Now’s your time.  Donate $75