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Giving Tuesday: Choose Education, Entrepreneurial Trainings, & Community Building — Action Kivu!

Tomorrow is GivingTuesday – kick off the holiday gift-giving season with gifts to your favorite non-profit. (Hint: education, entrepreneurial training and community building in #Congo!)

Can you make a tax-deductible donation to Action Kivu – to help up create sustainable change in eastern Congo? Your genorisity goes to sewing workshops, sending kids to #school, #literacy training, #farming, and much more!

Tag @ActionKivu in your #GivingTuesday posts, and share why you care about #Congo. Deep thanks from us and the women & kids you partner with through your donations.

Visiting two graduates from the Mumosho Sewing Workshop, a little one peeks out to greet us.
Two sewing workshop graduates running their business from a family member’s home that is in progress.

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