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Holiday Giving: Clothes and Shoes for Kids in Congo

For Christmas this year, we’d like to give clothes and shoes to the kids we work with in Congo, that they will wear for the whole year. It’s the only Christmas gift they are likely to receive, and it takes just $850 to make 250 kids’ lives a little brighter. Can you give toward that this week?


You can donate via PayPal or send a check to the address on the link, and note (“to seller” on PayPal) “Christmas Clothes.”

Every dollar makes a difference!  Can you give $5, $10, $15, or more to help us reach our $850 goal?

We’ll post photos and stories from the day the kids receive their shirts, shoes, and pants.  Thankful for your generosity this holiday season, that we can provide these things!  100% of your donation will go directly to Congo, minus nominal banking fees.

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