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Growing Change: From Seed to Harvest, a Second Shared Farm in Congo

From seed to harvest, the women in Mumosho are celebrating a second demonstration farm. Located next to the newly built Mumosho Women’s Center, the farm is a place for the women to gather, to learn agricultural lessons, to grow good food for their families to fight malnutrition, and veggies to sell at the Peace Market.

Your partnership makes this possible, and we can’t do it without you.  If you want to grow a little good from giving, consider a monthly donation to Action Kivu.  Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of the women in eastern Congo.

Cabbage harvest – February 2014

“Women are the backbone of agriculture and food production in Africa, working its arable land and feeding its population by producing 80% of its food. But African women farmers’ perspectives are excluded from conversations that determine agricultural policies and priorities, while discriminatory laws and practices deprive them of their land, their rights, and their livelihoods.” – Global Fund for Women

On the ground in Congo:

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