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Maombi’s Sewing Story: Designing a Life of Dignity

Maombi sits, baby in lap, her foot rocking rhythmically back and forth to power the sewing machine, practicing the latest in what she’s learning at the Mumosho Women’s Center sewing workshop. Life became very difficult after her father died in the 1996 war in Congo, and she helped her mother cook, clean, and farm, too

Claudine on Community & Coming Back To Life Through the Sewing Workshop

Claudine was raised in a family of eight, playing “jump the rope” with her siblings, helping her mother cook. Struggling to make money, if the family had enough money to send a child to school, her elder brother was chosen, so she never had the chance at an education. Though her story may sound familiar

Creating New Stories for Women in Congo: Sewing, Reading, Farming, Your Dollars Make a Difference!

The stories coming from Congo are often about war: the crimes against humanity, the rape of women, the poverty and malnutrition that is created by a country constantly in conflict.We want to share stories of change —women learning to sew, to read, to farm vegetables and healthy grains to feed their families and sell at

Action Kivu Intern Shatreen on the Joys and Needs of Working with ABFEK

We were thrilled when Shatreen contacted us, asking if she could volunteer as an intern in eastern Congo. Her impressive résumé, filled with speaking not only fluent French but also Swahili, work in Liberia and a background in reproductive health, made her appear  a shoo-in. Meeting her via Skype, and speaking to her references, we

Dear Cikwanine: Anything can happen child, anything can be

Dear Cikwanine, Our hearts break yet soar as we read this part of your story. This is “part” of your story, knowing that this is one chapter, and you have so much more to live, as you graduate the sewing program, work to earn income, live in community with the women you’ve met there, and

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