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Sewing Student Cozi: My Entire Life is a New Story

Cozi sits surrounded by women, girls, swaths of fabric, thread, scissors, and sewing machines. This is her new community at the Mumosho Women’s Center sewing workshop, and also her path to realize her dream of supporting her child as a single mother.
Cozi was raised in a family of seven children, where she helped her mother with her younger siblings, farming, collecting water and firewood.  For fun, she played a game called zero, “where you jump higher and then go down and you clap,” she said. Cozi went to school up until the second year of secondary school, but after her father died in the 1996 war in eastern Congo, her mother was unable to afford to pay for Cozi’s education.  She discovered the sewing workshop through her sister, Bienvenie, and Ernata, one of our graduates who frequently works at the Center, sewing school uniforms for the kids we send to school, and the pieces for our Fair Trade partner, The Peace Exchange. 
Cozi plans to start her own business with her new sewing skills and the machine and fabrics that she will receive upon graduation.  “Joining the sewing program … means I will become able to take care of my child whose father is not known and I will also be able to take care of myself and help my mother,” she tells Amani. “My entire life is a new story after I had joined the ABFEK sewing program. My colleagues in the program have become a huge support for me and my child. This program is an answer to so many of my problems.”
You can help Cozi make these dreams her everyday reality.  We are raising the funds to buy her sewing kit (and 62 fellow students) for graduation in May.  Your tax deductible donation of $195 purchases a pedal powered Singer sewing machine (critical in a place without electricity), fabrics, thread, needles, and scissors to launch their small businesses!  Can you give today? 
When Cozi was asked what she would say to you, she replied, “I want to thank people in America for their support to our Programs … and I would ask them not to stop. I want to ask People in America and Europe to support Peace  in the Congo. … Above all, war should stop!”
When you support these women, you empower them to send their children to school, to raise up a new generation of people to call out for peace in Congo. 
Every dollar makes a difference, and your partnership tells the women and girls that their stories are heard around the world, and they matter.  
Read more about the people with whom you partner through Action Kivu:

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