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Claudine on Community & Coming Back To Life Through the Sewing Workshop

Claudine was raised in a family of eight, playing “jump the rope” with her siblings, helping her mother cook. Struggling to make money, if the family had enough money to send a child to school, her elder brother was chosen, so she never had the chance at an education.

Though her story may sound familiar and her future adhering to the statistics, Claudine is changing this chapter, rewriting her story.

Shunned by her mother when a pregnancy was forced upon her, Claudine learned of the Sewing Workshop at the Mumosho Women’s Center, from her uncle. She heard how other girls were trained in the skill, and then received a sewing kit with a pedal-powered machine (crucial for working without electricity), and started earning income from their small businesses. Claudine hopes to receive her sewing machine this May, to create the life she envisions, caring for her child and herself, and writing the story of her new life.

“Being a part of this community has changed a lot in my life and it makes feel there are people who care for me and love me. Being in the program makes me come back to life again.”

Can you help make Claudine’s dream a reality? We’re raising money to continue funding our programs in Congo, and topurchase the sewing kits for this summer’s graduating class – $195 purchases the machine, fabric, and tools to launch their work! Every dollar makes a difference, and goes directly to the work on the ground.  Donate here!  And read more about our programs on our blog.

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