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Mumosho Sewing Workshop Vision Statements: Mystery, Meaning, Measurements

“The tyranny of the quantifiable,” Rebecca Solnit writes, is “the way what can be measured almost always takes precedence over what cannot: private profit over public good; speed and efficiency over enjoyment and quality; the utilitarian over the mysteries and meanings that are of greater use to our survival and to more than our survival, to lives that have some purpose and value that survive beyond us to make a civilization worth having.” (~”Woolf’s Darkness,” Rebecca Solnit)

In honor of setting intentions for this new year, of living life with purpose, of creating the space and opportunities for dreams to be fostered,  for mystery to have a place to play, and of unearthing the meaning of community and caring for each other, we’d like you to meet some of the women in Action Kivu’s sewing program in Mumosho, Congo, and share in their visions for 2015 and the future.


Land rights for women in eastern Congo are practically nonexistent, yet critical in a place where a woman can be divorced with no legal access to alimony or child-support. Cigarhulirwa wants to use her new sewing skills to earn income, and buy a plot of land and build a house to stay in. “My mom is very poor but she loves me. She takes care of my child when I am at the center,” she said.


Growing up, Mushekuru’s father did not think it necessary to send a girl to school. At 16, her education is beginning at the Mumosho Women’s Center, where she’s learning to sew, alongside her sister. “My vision is to work hard and help my mom and my grandmother,” Mushekuru said. Her grandmother is providing a home for Mushekuru, her mom, and her four siblings, after Mushekuru’s father divorced her mother without reason, leaving her with no money, or land.


“My wish was to get an education but my father did not send me to school because I am a girl. I want to have a sewing collective, and when I get married I will educate all my children, regardless of their gender.” Bulonza, 19 years old.

Mumosho Women’s Center, DRC

Thank you for partnering with the women, girls, and their families in eastern Congo.  They’d love to hear from you: please leave a note of encouragement in the comments, and we will pass it along!

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