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Meeting Mamy: Stories from Mumosho, Congo

Mamy is a member of the Class of 2015, graduating Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop with a Singer sewing machine and the tools to start her own small business.  Amani Matabaro, who started the Sewing Workshop when his cousins came to him in 2005 after they were raped and had no where to turn to earn income, caught up with Mamy last week at the Mumosho Women’s Center.

Mamy with AK text smiling outside center 7.2015

Mamy had a hard life from the start, orphaned at an early age. When she became pregnant after being raped, she thought life was worthless, that she was nothing.  But joining the Sewing Workshop and meeting her new sisters at the Women’s Center, she has new hope for herself and her three year old son. Mamy smiled as she met Amani on her way to a wedding.  “Look at me, Papa Amani!  Now I have become somebody.”

Your support helps these women transform their lives, replacing despair with empowerment and hope.

Meet Mamy in the video from the Sewing Workshop graduation, March 2015:

“Before joining this program, I was worthless. I was nothing among all the people.  Because now, I can sew, I feel I am a strong woman. Able to school and feed my child. Contribute economically into the life of my family. I feel lifted up.”

If you want to partner with women like Mamy, who in addition to earning income from her sewing business, is also part of the OFFA (Organic Food for All) Program on our shared farms, click here to read more about Action Kivu, and consider a monthly donation!

Mamy with text checking tomato plants in nursery 7.2015

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