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When I Grow Up: Donate to Gift Shoes & Clothes for Kids in Congo

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$4,000$4,092‘Thanks102%Every year, Action Kivu raises money to create a Christmas & New Year’s celebration for the kids we serve in Congo.  Once a year, kids who have next to nothing, who often have lost parents due to the poverty and disease and violence resulting from the long-term conflict in their country, are invited to a celebration.  At the party, over 300 children are fed a meal, and receive gifts of shoes and a set of clothes, sometimes the only ones they’ll get for the year.  They are so happy, our partner Amani tells us, and we see it in their faces.

2 boys pose for camera

Donate today, and mark “New Years” or “Christmas” in the note to seller section on PayPal$10 goes a long way: A simple gift of shoes, clothes, and a meal tells these kids that their lives matter, that their stories are heard, that people around the world are cheering for them!

girl waves with big smile new sandals

group of kids goof off

Not all are so goofy posing for the camera.  Rehema’s face shows her determination to make her dreams a reality, and is taking her gifts of shoes, clothes, and an education very seriously. A little girl from a family of eight children, her parents could not afford to send her to school.  Enrolled in classes now, thanks to ABFEK (Action Kivu’s partner in Congo), Rehema plans to graduate school and use her education to help other kids like herself, working for ABFEK!


Donate today!  Thank you!


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