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Marching and Dancing for Justice: International Women’s Day in Mumosho, Congo [Photos]

The women you support through Action Kivu celebrated International Women’s Day on Saturday. They smiled as they marched through Mumosho; fists raised, they sang out for justice for all women, holding signs calling for men and women to stand up for equality for a just world. They proudly walked the main road, their feet kicking up red dust, their children underfoot, husbands, brothers, and sons supporting them from all sides.

It was a powerful uprising, Amani tells us, where he promised the women and girls that we will not give up. We will continue to lift our voice in unison for equality and human rights!  It was the first time the king of the Kabare kingdom, which is made up of  several groupings including Mumosho, joined in the celebration, with the queen performing traditional dances with the woman and Amani (see below).  The king added his words of encouragement for the women and for ABFEC / Action Kivu’s work, stating that he supports the work we do and is behind any program uplifting women and girls.




Many of the girls and women at the Sewing Workshop made their own clothes for the event.  “This pair of scissors, this tape measure, this sewing machine simply helps me entirely change my life once and for all,” one student told our partner, Amani.




 “We are on the journey towards changing our lives!”


Outside the Mumosho Women’s Center

Amani_Queen of Kibare_trad_dance_AK

A woman steps in to give specific directions to Amani while the queen of Kabare awaits the next dance.



Group shot_womens center with sign



Thank you for partnering with the amazing people of Congo!  To set up a monthly donation to support our programs, including the Sewing Workshop, the shared farms, the literacy program, the HIV/AIDS education, and animal husbandry, click here.

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