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Women and Girls Growing a Healthy Congo: Field Report from Action Kivu’s Shared Farm

“Should agriculture be a required school subject?” writer Dan Nosowitz asks in his Modern Farmer piece that highlights Kenya’s attempt to add agriculture to its curriculum. At Action Kivu, our Organic Food for All (OFFA) program trains women and girls, denied a formal education, in the skill and art of agriculture. Here five farmers weed

Action Kivu Fundraiser & Giveaway: Get Creative for Congo

Every morning, parents everywhere wake up with the same questions and hopes for their children: what to feed them, how to get them to school on time, whether they’ll be safe out in the world. In Mumosho, Congo, many parents wake up wondering if they’ll be able to feed their children, if they can afford

Microloan Moms: Adherents of Hope Writing the History of Congo

“We write history with our feet and with our presence and our collective voice and vision.” ~Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark Walking the dusty dirt roads of eastern Congo to run her small business as a trader of local beer and the maize to make it, Claudine’s feet are on the ground, writing her

Microloan Mom in Congo: Nsimire’s Vision for the Future

If you were to meet Nsimire selling her fresh beans at the Peace Market in Mumosho, you might address her as “Mama Nsimire,” as the women in Congo are called. The moniker could not be more true for Nsimire, who is the mother of 18 children. Due to extreme poverty, eight of Nsimire’s children have