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Action Kivu Fundraiser & Giveaway: Get Creative for Congo

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Every morning, parents everywhere wake up with the same questions and hopes for their children: what to feed them, how to get them to school on time, whether they’ll be safe out in the world.

In Mumosho, Congo, many parents wake up wondering if they’ll be able to feed their children, if they can afford to send them to school, and they dream of the day that eastern Congo is a safer place for their family.

Because of your donations, Action Kivu is creating pathways for those hopes to become reality. With your investment in Congo, we are able to provide the training and tools for hundreds of mothers to break this cycle of extreme poverty, to send their kids to school, to learn to read and write and put pen to paper and raise their voices for peace and a better future for the kids of Congo.

When you donate this week, you’ll be entered into Alissa Haight Carlton’s Annual Fundraiser & Giveaway! $100 puts you in the running to win the gorgeous quilt pictured above, and pays the monthly salary of one of our Literacy Program teachers in Mumosho, Congo – a critical course that is the entry point for our Sewing Workshop and other vocational training programs. Invest in the girls and women of Congo today – and check out the other giveaway levels and prizes at

We are grateful for you being part of our family, and your role in creating the beloved community, taking action to invest in women and children and a brighter, more peaceful world for us all. Read about all we’ve been up to on our blog.

When you donate, please share the fundraiser and Action Kivu‘s stories with friends and family, telling them why you believe it’s world-changing to invest in women and kids!

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