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Show Kids in Congo Their Stories Matter: Gift 300 Kids with Shoes, Clothes, and a Holiday Meal

As we enter the holiday season, we reflect on the generosity of our Action Kivu family – you! Though we can’t all gather around a table to celebrate and thank you in person, we gather online, in emails and Facebook posts and Instagram photos, to share stories of the lives of the children and women,

Microloan Mom Bahati: A Life-Saving Loan

The power, if accessible in remote areas of eastern Congo, is off more often than on. Bahati sits in her small shop, selling the vegetables and fruit that grow in this lush part of eastern Congo as well as odds and ends, flour, canned food, and the batteries that are necessary in an area with

Water is Life: The Lasting Impact of the Mumosho Water Project in Gender Equality and Education [Congo]

When Amani asked what this water tap means to this little boy, he replied: Let me show you! Our partner Amani Matabaro’s leadership in his local Bukavu Mwangaza Rotary Club made water flow into areas where people previously had no access to clean drinking water. Thanks to a Global Grant facilitated by the Montecito Rotary

Mama Aimericiane: Accomplishment and Vision in Congo

Four years ago, Aimericiane was unsure how to feed her six kids, let alone find the funds for their education. When she heard about Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop, she enrolled as quickly as possible to learn the skills and business training that would help her create a new life for her family. During her eight

Adolphine’s Story of Hope: It’s Never Too Late to Learn

The rainy season in the Sub-Saharan country of Congo makes many of the dirt roads in its eastern corner impassable, and the journey to school almost impossible. The road to an education for girls, in a culture where they are not valued as equal to boys, is fraught with even more barriers, from extreme poverty

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