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Mapendo’s Goal: To Communicate Around the World


On her way in to to the afternoon literacy class at the Mumosho Community Center, Mapendo stops to talk about why she works so hard to learn to read and write. In Swahili, Mapendo means love, she says. Love and luck go hand-in-hand. Before I came to the Literacy Program and Sewing Workshop, I felt I was nothing. Now I am somebody.

After learning the basics of counting, reading, and some writing in Literacy Class Level 1, Mapendo was able to attend the Sewing Workshop, graduating with a machine and starting a co-op with three other alumni. Determined to be able to communicate around the world, she worked her way through Literacy Level 2, where she focused on reading and writing skills, and began to learn some French. Mapendo is now in Level 3, where students focus on French language skills.

Before, to be able to buy just a bar of soap, I had to go work on someone’s farm, hard labor for less than one dollar a day. These programs have taken me from a deep hole, Mapendo says, allowing me to live with others.

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