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Celebrating Interdependence: Starting a Sewing Co-Op in Congo

We celebrate interdependence this Independence Day in Congo with Marijane, Chanceline, and Martine, who started a sewing co-op after graduating @Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop in 2015. Using the machines they received upon graduation thanks to a generous donation from Robin Wright and Karen Fowler’s Pour Les Femmes that year, the three women say that when

Celebrating 7 Years: Your Impact in Congo Through Action Kivu

We’re excited to celebrate seven years with you, our Action Kivu family! We started with a small sewing workshop and education assistance program in eastern Congo that with YOUR partnership, has grown to a community center that houses the Sewing Workshop, Literacy Classes, Bread Baking, Basket Weaving, and Soap Making courses, and over 3000 children

Women Who Farm: Jeannette on having her own plot of land in Congo

Farming my own plot of land is so sweet, not only to sell vegetables for income, but to eat them at times they’re not normally for sale. ~Jeannette Jeannette is one of over 80 women in eastern Congo who now have a plot of land to grow fruits and vegetables, thanks to your support of

Take Courage: Life Lessons from the Girls and Women of Congo

In eastern Congo, girls and women walk for miles – to find work, to find water, to find buyers for the fruits and vegetables they tended from seed to harvest. Many of these paths are not safe; armed militias patrol the same roads, and risk is a regular part of life. They step into the

Wedding Season: Give the gift of a goat!

It’s wedding season! Looking for a unique gift? Make a donation on behalf of the happy couple! An $80 gift to Action Kivu buys a healthy goat for a family in eastern Congo. Donate online! See My Goat is Your Goat in Action: Namwezi paying forward a baby goat to Antoinette

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