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Sewing Student Riziki Defines The Good Life [Congo]

What is the good life? In Mumosho, Congo, Riziki, a student in Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop, takes a break from the class to share her story. The front room of the community center is quiet, the sound of the pedaled sewing machines bleeding in from upstairs as the class continues without Riziki. She is 22,

Ex-combatants, Pigs, Pedagogy, and Peace

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Congo, where armed militias continue to terrorize communities, the UN and NGOs continue to work toward peace through the process of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration (DDR) of ex-combatants. According to the UN website, DDR supports ex-combatants to become active participants in the peace process through: removing weapons

Bukuze at 12: Student, Peacemaker, Future French Teacher

12 years old, Bukuze is looking forward to her last year in elementary school this fall before she starts high school in 2018. She loves learning French, and doesn’t mind the 45 minute walk to school from where she lives with her uncle’s family, because she is determined to be a teacher. Bukuze knows about

To Protect One Protects Many: Action Kivu’s HIV/AIDS Education & Testing [Photos]

Students line up to have their finger pricked, their blood drawn, and their HIV test taken to a clinic. Nurse Jeanine is matter of fact as she has the high school students role-play the situations that might lead to contracting HIV/AIDS, how to prevent its spread, and what it means to live with the disease. 

Nzigire Translated: What Does She Want?

“I am the last born child,” Nzigire says. She is shy, and looks at her hands while her words are translated into English. She is only 17, still a young girl, and warms up quickly, gaining confidence as she answers questions about her life. “My mother wanted another girl,” she says, explaining her name, “so

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