HIV/AIDS Education in Congo: An Unbreakable Chain of Communication

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An update from Amani on the HIV/AIDS education, testing, and prevention project you support through your partnership with Action Kivu:

This month we jointly organized an anti HIV/AIDS campaign with our school kids with SOS SIDA, a Congolese organization focusing on HIV/AIDS. They brought hundreds of graphic pamphlets with key messages on how to prevent HIV/AIDS.The purpose of doing this with SOS SIDA is to create safe spaces where youth come together and talk about sex and reproductive health-related topics. As part of our All Together Against HIV/AIDS youth education, the students take the messages back to their schools and spread the word amongst other school children, and also pass on the messages to others at the community level. It becomes an unbreakable chain of communication.

These girls in the photo are my heroes as they want to go out and change our world!

Amani_6 girls_HIV education

Learn more how your donation is saving lives: To Protect One Protects Many: Action Kivu’s HIV/AIDS Education & Testing [Photos]

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