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Sewing Alum Claudine Defines Peace [Congo]


Claudine graduated from Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop, Class of 2015, taking with her a sewing machine and all the tools necessary to start her own business. When Claudine joined the Sewing Workshop, she was the mother of a child forced upon her. With the skills she learned, Claudine began a new journey: she started her own business, married a man who respects and loves her, and in addition to her first child, also has a baby boy, who is 7 months old. And she reports being happy.

Claudine told our partner Amani: “Peace for me is when I am not constantly afraid of a new war, or being abused. Peace is when I am able to feed and send my children to school, otherwise there is no peace.”

Invest in peace for women like Claudine! A donation to Action Kivu provides life-transforming training courses and creates space for women to embrace their equality and power. Consider making it monthly – a recurring donation helps us plan for the future!


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