Monthly Archives: August 2018

Sara’s New Hope: Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop Community

We hear this story over and over from the sewing students and recent alumni – how being a part of a community, learning marketable skills, and embracing their equality as women is opening new doors for hope, for planning for the future. Sara, whose father died in the conflict, only attended school through grade 5

Nonviolence and Peace Put into Practice: Amani and the Congo Peace School

The Congo Peace School opens its doors on Monday, September 3rd! This month, our Founding Director Amani Matabaro trained the teachers and many of the students in some of the practices of nonviolence and peace. We’ve posted a video and more photos that are accessible when you support the school via our Patreon page for

Sewing Student Justine’s Plans to Lift up Congo

Meeting Justine today, it might be hard to tell that she felt scared on her first day at Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop, not knowing what to expect, how to operate a foot-pedal sewing machine. Today she is confident, talking about her plans to start her own business, how she became the matriarch of her family