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Bahati’s Education: From Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop to Small Business Studio

Everything we do through your support of Action Kivu is grounded in education – education about equality and human rights that is taught and practiced, education in the new classrooms of the Congo Peace School, daily lessons on the sewing machines or at the blackboard in the Literacy class, or in the dirt of the organic farm, an open-air classroom that is teaching sustainable, healthy food-growing practices.

It was an honor to meet one of our graduates in her own new classroom, her sewing studio, where, with the profits from her new business, she was able to invest in a second Singer sewing machine, and charge for lessons for a young high school graduate who plans to study fashion. Meet Bahati, who graduated Action Kivu’s Sewing Workshop last year, in the class of 2017. Only 28, Bahati is the sole provider for six children, three of her own, and three of her husband’s, who recently passed away. Bahati, who was forced to quit school one year before graduating secondary school, knows the importance of an education, and uses the profits from her sewing business to send her children to school.

Bahati has a message for you, the supporters who made it possible for her to learn a new trade and skill, and start her business with a sewing machine. Click on the video below, or here, to hear from her.


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