Action Kivu’s Student Educators: Ending the spread of HIV AIDS in eastern Congo

Nurse Jeanine sits with six of the students who are anti-HIV / AIDS educators in their schools and communities, gathered to update us on their progress and the change they’ve seen from their outreach. With the support of donors to Action Kivu, Jeanine has tested over 1400 people in 2018, and follows up with those who tested positive, offering access to treatment at the clinic where she works. She speaks with hope about the change she has seen from the education and information campaign we started in 2016, when she had to work to convince people to be tested for HIV. Now, she says, men and women seek her out. And some who tested positive have told her that if they had met her earlier in their lives, they would never have been infected.

Enter in the student educators. Led by Jeanine, they take their knowledge of prevention and treatment into their schools, teaching their peers and engaging their families and communities. Bisimwa joined Action Kivu’s education club in order to not only protect himself from the disease, but to save future generations.

Nurse Jeanine also teaches family planning to the communities Action Kivu partners with. Both men and women, who often cannot afford to feed or send to school the children they do have, come to meetings to learn what contraceptives are available and will work for them.

The need is great, in the community of over 80,000 people in Mumosho, and if you’d like to help, please consider a one-time gift or monthly donation to support Action Kivu’s work in Congo!

  • $60 allows Jeanine to test 100 people
  • $10 buys one month of cotton balls or a box of gloves
  • $60 pays for one month of Jeanine’s travel via moto into villages for follow-up visits with people who are HIV positive
  • $300 pays for one month of Jeanine’s community work and time treating students at the Congo Peace School

Jeanine sends her thanks to everyone who is connected to this program – it is truly saving lives.

Read more about All Together Against HIV/AIDS here, and click here to donate to Action Kivu’s life-changing work in Congo. Thank you for all you do in partnering with the people of Congo!

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