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Rosalie: Congo Peace School’s Ambassador for Peace Speaks about Nonviolence

Today’s inspiration from Rosalie, one of the Congo Peace School students: encouraging us all to go out and be courageous in peace & nonviolence! Rosalie dreams of being the president of a peaceful Congo, and she is practicing being an ambassador for peace every day.

Please share to let others know about the exciting education grounded in Kingian peace & nonviolence principles at the Congo Peace School. Invest in a more peace-filled future here:

Rosalie’s Thoughts on Nonviolence:

Nonviolence. As for Gandhi, he defines nonviolence as nonparticipation of whatsoever one thinks is badly done, that in his book, all men are brothers. Nonviolence is a real resistance, a tactic and spiritual path which aims to trigger peace. Nonviolence rejects all forms of cowardice and requires courage of its practitioner. It is a matter of loving your opponent and being ready to forgive him/her. We, young girls of the Congo Peace School, the Congo of tomorrow, let’s be committed practitioners of nonviolence and peace ambassadors. Thank you!


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