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A New Life: Sewing Workshop Class of 2018 Graduation

“We believe that by empowering women, training them, building their capacity, we are helping to make real the eradication of poverty, which is the first goal of sustainable development.” ~ Amani Matabaro, Action Kivu’s Founding Director and Executive Director of ABFEC in DRC.

With gratitude to our family of donors who provide a year of free education for girls and women to learn a new skill, and to Pour Les Femmes for a grant to graduate 42 students with a machine and the tools necessary to launch a small business. You are part of changing lives and creating greater equality, education, and peace in Congo!

Julienne Baseke, a member of AFEM, the Women’s Media Association in South Kivu, spoke to the graduating class of 42 students, inviting them to use all the knowledge they had gained, and to be generous with their knowledge. As reported on Mama Radio: “The jubilant opportunity,” said Julienne, “sensitized these women about their rights as human beings while emphasizing their right to development, empowerment, and quality education.”







If you are inspired to commit to the communities of Congo, please consider a monthly donation! That helps us plan for the future as we work toward greater equality, education, and peace for all.


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