Action Kivu invests in the women, children and communities of Congo through vocational training and education, creating paths toward peace and prosperity.


Action Kivu is a U.S. non-profit, established in 2010. We partner with our visionary Founding Director Amani Matabaro and his local Congolese non-profit ABFEC in eastern Congo. When we joined forces, there were seven girls and women, survivors of the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo, who had graduated from Amani’s Sewing Workshop with sewing machines and the tools to start their own businesses. Working several “day jobs,” Amani was running his non-profit out of his own pocket. Since partnering with ABFEC, Action Kivu has provided the resources for over 300 women to start their own sewing businesses, plus added literacy courses, an organic community farm, and now, the Congo Peace School. Click here to read the stories of success to learn how your partnership is changing lives!


Because of Action Kivu’s supporters, Amani was able to expand his vocational training programs to include soap making, bread baking, basket weaving, organic farming, animal husbandry, and the Literacy Program, which, combined, have served over 300 women and girls previously denied a formal education.

After sending 50 students to various local schools for two years, in partnership with the Dillon Henry Foundation and with generous support from Pour les Femmes and our Action Kivu family of donors, we finished construction on the Congo Peace School in 2018, opening its doors in September 2018 to 160 students in four grades (two primary, two secondary), and expanding to seven grades and two preschool classes for year two, in September 2019. The school provides a revolutionary education grounded in peace and nonviolence, and provides the students with two meals each day. We are seeking funding to expand the campus, staff, and programs to serve 480 students from grade one of primary to grade 6 of secondary with a classical education combined with Kingian peace and nonviolence training.

Your support of Action Kivu enables direct human to human assistance to those survivors of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Congo, giving them the tools to be agents of peace and change. It also encourages homegrown and sustainable solutions by caring individuals. Looking to invest in the people of Congo at this community level? Click here to join the movement today with a one-time or monthly donation!.

The entrepreneurial programs and the school are located in Mumosho, outside the city of Bukavu. Bukavu is the capital of South Kivu, a region of Congo that borders Rwanda. Visit our Learn More About Congo page to see a map of Bukavu.

ABFEC is registered as a local non-governmental organization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Action Kivu, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charity in the United States. Our EIN is 27-3537799.

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Questions? Contact our Executive Director, Rebecca Snavely, at actionkivu@gmail.com.