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First Cohort CPS Sept 3 2018

Thanks to the generous partnership from The Dillon Henry Foundation and a gift from the Pour Les Femmes Fund to finish funding the first wave of construction costs, the construction on the Congo Peace School is finished, and the school is open! On Monday, September 3rd, 2018, 160 students filled the classrooms in grades 1 & 2 primary and grades 1 & 2 secondary, and met the teachers and staff who have been trained in the Kingian principles of peace and nonviolence. This is the first day of a new path to lasting peace.
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“The world is torn apart, Congo is torn apart, but people coming together, people choosing to work for peace, can repair the world.” ~ Amani Matabaro, Founding Director


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In addition to the Congolese school curriculum, the teachers and staff will be trained by our partner, Amani, to integrate nonviolence and trauma support into the school system, creating education for leadership, to raise up peace leaders, and influence the future of Congo through its youth. Based on Amani’s training in Kingian nonviolence from the University of Rhode Island, the educators will help children and communities understand that, “I am, because you are,” and “you are, because I am.”


Peace and nonviolence will be a part of the curriculum, with teachers trained to discipline without violence, and to identify and address trauma in children. With class sizes limited to 40 versus the typical 75-80, children will receive more one-on-one attention along with an education to become peaceful leaders with a sense of agency.


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$55 = one month for a student to receive a top-tier, trauma-informed education, complete with after-school vocational training in farming and food security, plus two daily meals.

$150 = one month salary for a local woman to be hired as a cook, preparing nutritious meals for the students.

$325 = one month of salary for one school teacher, trained in peace and nonviolence practices.

$2200 pays for one month of a classroom’s total costs (a teacher, assistant teacher, supplies, and the support staff of the school).

$10,000 = 70 school desks for the Congo Peace School, made by former child soldiers trained in carpentry.

$10,000 = 100 mattresses to equip boarding school to house 100 students.

$10,000 = 20 solar panels to power computer lab at Congo Peace School.

$12,500  = 50 bunk beds to equip boarding school to house 100 students.

$20,000 = Additional land for Congo Peace School boarding house and fruit and vegetable gardens to feed the children and create sustainability.

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Join the movement! Click: How You Can Help and in PayPal’s “note to seller” please write CONGO PEACE SCHOOL, or mail a check to: Action Kivu, Inc. – 4470 W. Sunset Blvd. Suite 160 – Los Angeles, CA 90027


Arsene _ CPS student entering grade 2 secondary - 1

Arsene, who starts grade 2 of secondary school at the Peace School this September. Read more of his story on our blog –



CPS Soccer Field in Progress

Hear from our visionary leader Amani about the impact and importance of your partnership with the people of Congo:



Construction of the Congo Peace School!

Amani made sure the Peace School Construction team included women

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CPS labeled view of school house and auditorium July 2018 LG - 1

CPS June 1 2018


Edu quote 2 girls posted May 5 2017







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