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World Teachers’ Day in Congo: Literacy 101

Often when we envision teachers, we think of teaching to classrooms of young students, children eager to learn, some drowsy from a bad night of sleep, some goofing off, some reading ahead in the assigned book.

But what of those children who were not given the opportunity to attend school? Girls who grew into adulthood without teachers guiding them, checking in on their coursework, making sure they knew how to read and write, to count, to express their opinions through their writing, or their votes in the political arena?

Enter adult education in the form of Action Kivu’s literacy courses! This World Teachers’ Day, meet Bora, who teaches Level 1 (left), Bulangalire, who teaches Level 2 (right), and Furaha, who teaches Level 3 (center). These three teachers are truly angels, working for only $100 / month at this time to teach three levels of literacy for the women in this corner of Congo who were denied an education because of poverty or sexism.
Literacy_Teachers_Feb2017 - 1

Bora teaches Level 1 – girls and women who have had no education. This course is the entry level for the girls and women starting our vocational and job training courses. To be able to read a tape measure in the Sewing Workshop or to properly measure the space between plants on the demonstration farm, she must know numeracy. To be able to start a small business with a microloan, she must be able to count change and keep the books for her business. Graduating Level 1, the students move into Bulangire’s Level 2 class, where she focuses on reading and writing skills in Swahili, and beginner’s French. Graduating Level 2, the students move on to Furaha’s class, where they focus on speaking French.

What these teachers are doing is fundamental as the foundation for the women to thrive as agents of change in their homes and communities! We honor our teachers today, and every day.

As a small organization growing in capacity, our goal is to pay these teachers at least $200 / month, the wage of a worker in eastern Congo. If you’d like to invest in the education of women in Congo through Literacy Courses, consider setting up a monthly donation to Action Kivu, here!

Sending our continued gratitude to our donors and monthly donors – your giving makes an impact:







3rd Grader Agisha’s Faith in the Future

Meet Agisha! 9 years old, Agisha’s favorite subject last year at Burhembo Elementary School was math. He walks 45 minutes to school, and then back home, where he lives with his grandparents and two sisters. At home, he helps his grandparents by washing dishes, sweeping the house, and drawing water. “If we have food, I eat,” he tells Christian, Action Kivu’s Education Assistance Director.

Agisha is happy to be in school, as he thinks studies are very important in life. His hero is Amani Matabaro, the visionary leader behind all that Action Kivu does in Congo. He wants people in the U.S. to know that Congo is a big country, with many conflicts. 

Agisha is excited to start grade 3 of elementary school this year, pursuing his dream of being a pastor.


When you invest in the job-training, education, food security and health services that Action Kivu provides in Congo, you change the lives of kids like Agisha, giving their families the means to provide food and education that are the fuel for the kids to flourish, mentally, physically, emotionally!


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