Action Kivu
provides the Democratic Republic of Congo's victims of violence with the opportunity to rebuild their lives on a foundation of hope, dignity, and economic self-sustenance.
Our work is spearheaded through two approaches:


Growing out of our original two sewing workshops we've expanded to various programs, including sewing, basket making courses, agricultural training, and literacy classes. Through these programs women acquire the skills and capacity to work on their own and provide for themselves and their families.

Action Kivu works in partnership with primary schools in Congo to fund the education of vulnerable children affected by the ongoing conflict.

Ernata was her Christian name, she told us, but her grandfather also named her Barhadosa. "Simply because my mother was suffering a lot," she explained. "She was facing domestic violence, and when she gave birth to me, my grandfather said my name would be more...
Evelyn’s mother thought she had no other way to support her daughter’s education than to sell her land, land rights that for a woman in Congo are precious and rare. After her husband was killed in the 1996 war, Evelyn’s mother was granted the land by her late husband’s family, because she had sons to inherit the property when they came of more...
Ntaboba is 14, a slight boy with a wide smile that is often masked by his look of concentration. Ntaboba, who attends school with the help of Action Kivu's education assistance program, is focused. Focused on school, on his dreams of becoming a doctor, and on walking without the crutches he used to depend more...